Friday, 28 October 2011

Boris re-election special - Who is Mr Minus - The Walking Timebomb?

As regular readers of this blog will know, I have a friend who is a reasonably senior member of the Tory party in another part of London. We regularly meet for a few beers and a curry to discuss beer, football and the joys of having teenage daughters. Yesterday he rang me for a chat about Manchester City's famous victory over the red peril. He's a neutral in that respect, but thoroughly enjoyed the stonking game of football. Anyway as we chatted, he told me that he's getting rather involved in the campaign to get Boris re-elected. "How's it going?" I asked. He replied that it's going pretty well. Polling shows that the ordinary man in the street likes Boris. They have a whole host of initiatives and announcements lined up which will chime rather well with the public. What's the view of Ken? "We're not really that worried about him right now". So it all sounds pretty good. I asked "So any issues that are causing problems?". The answer surprised me, not for the content but because it was something I didn't think he'd say "Well we have Mr Minus, the walking timebomb". I was rather shocked "Mr Minus, the walking timebomb? Who's that?" At which he laughed and said "Come on Rog, you no I couldn't possibly comment on that".

I do wonder if Boris is considering getting a bomb diffusal expert. I would if I were him.

On another subject completely, I am most disappointed that there wasn't a rush of support for Brian Coleman following my plea for campaign funds for him yesterday. Come on Tories, get your wallets out !

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B.Coleman said...

I would like to donate two hardly worn homburg hats.