Monday, 10 October 2011

The Barnet Eye saves Belmont Childrens Farm Animals !

Today the Barnet Eye blog read with great distress that the owner of Belmont Childrens Zoo, celebrity Racehorse owner, Top City Lawyer and former deputy chairman of Hendon Conservatives,  Mr Andrew Reid stated that if Barnet Council did not grant the zoo planning permission, the animals may have to be put down.

The Barnet Eye was most distressed to hear this news and immediately rang around all of our contacts in the local wildlife and conservation movements. We are delighted to announce that we have found an organisation willing to provide homes for all of the mammals and birds. Waveney Wildlife in Suffolk have offered to help rehome all of the animals. Mr Reid should have the details for them as they supplied animals when the zoo was opened, but if he has lost the details - here is the company -

 We hope that all of the sad children in Mill Hill can sleep a bit more soundly tonight knowing that the Belmont Childrens Farm animals have been saved !


Mrs Angry said...

Any lingering sympathy one might feel for this venture has now been well and truly alienated. The statement alluding to Dale Farm was bad enough, but using the possibility of putting animals down is simply too much. It was the responsibility of the owners to make sure the development was properly authorised and their responsibility to the animals is perfectly clear too.

baarnett said...

Was the aim of saying:

"Give us Planning Permission, or the Bunny gets it!"

meant to influence events?

As Mrs Angry describes, it has alienated any possible supporters - and I did like the cafe there.