Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mill Hill News - Hendon MP Matthew Offord gets a new job !

Yesterday I went down to Iceland in Mill Hill Broadway to get a loaf of bread for my morning sarnie. As ever I had a nose in the window of the Marie Curie Cancer shop as I went past. I got the shock of my life. Who was that stacking the shelves? None other than Hendon MP Matthew Offord. Assuming I was hallucinating, I tootled off, purchased my loaf and on the way back had another look. Yup, there was Matthew, assisting an old dear who was purchasing some bric a brac. Resisting the urge to nip in and ask where the soup department was, I returned home. What was Matthew up to? I suddenly realised that he'd rebelled against David Cameron and voted for the referendum. Had Big Dave C dispensed instant justice and sacked him? Had he taken the job to make ends meet and ensure that Max could be kept fed? Anyway I had a busy day yesterday, got a studio to build.

This morning, I thought I'd do some research. Sure enough on Matthews Twitter feed I found this :-

Matthew Offord
Just finished serving in the Marie Curie shop in Mill Hill for the Make a Difference Day.

Yup, Matthew was doing a mornings work, volunteering for a great cause. All of a sudden I felt a bit guilty for my urge at the time to nip in and wind him up. This blog always applauds MP's, Councillors and anyone else who gets involved in their local community and supports good causes. As I sit writing this blog, I'm awaiting the results of a prostate biopsy to see if I have cancer. You may (or may not) be pleased to know the test is purely precautionary. No symptoms, just a slightly raised PSA level. Effective treatment of Cancer is best achieved by early detection. The PSA test is just one of a number of tools which can help save your life. If you are a man approaching or over 50, you should consider having this checked. It is a simple blood test. I'd recommend everyone to have it, but especially those with a history of breast or prostate cancer in their family. 

A couple of people have asked why I am sharing such personal information about myself in the blog? One of my best friends, the bass player in my band for 29 years is currently undergoing chemo for cancer. My business partner who helped me set up the studio died of cancer 10 years ago. If one person reads this blogs, gets a test and it saves their life, then it has been worth it. Thats why.
And as for Matthew and his volunteering. Well done. A message to the rest of our councillors, MP's and other local dignitaries. The more good work for the community and the more you put yourself out for the community, the better the coverage you'll get in the press and in the local blog.

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B.Coleman said...

Could I suggest that another "local" politician i/e (Barnet council) might also take up something along the same lines.......dare I suggest maybe The Citizens Advice Centre! where he can continue to offer sound and practical advice.