Friday, 14 October 2011

The Friday Joke - 14/10/2011

The Ministerial Code.

David Camerons Moral authority

Oliver Letwin's judgement

Take your pick.

What can I say. Cameron should have summarliy sacked Liam Fox a week ago. It was as clear as daylight that he has been taking liberties. I have found it hard to comprehend the fact that Cameron has let him "resign with dignity". I want a Prime Minister who sacks people who cross the line and sets down some markers.

 As to Oliver Letwin. The guy is clearly an example of someone who combines high intelligence with a complete lack of common sense. If he can't see how stupid his behaviour is, do we really want him making judgements on important matters.

And just to make a point. These are just the latest cases of people who are unfit to hold high office, but for some bizarre reason seem to get away with it. Just to show it isn't party political - Chris Huhne and Peter Mandelson are examples from the Lib Dems and Labour.

As I write this, David Cameron is on the news saying how sorry he is that he has gone. This is completely wrong. We have soldiers at war dying on a nearly daily basis and Fox and his mate have been swanning off around the world, doing all manner of deals, which heaven only knows who has benefitted from. No one has suggested it is the boys in the field - that is what appalls me.

Sorry it ain't funny, but it is a joke.

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MickeyN said...

As soon as the basic facts were confirmed (when Fox apologised) it was clear that the man was either a knave or a fool; and you cannot have a knave or a fool in charge of sending people out to die and kill for the country.

However, as the Barnet Bloggers point out on a daily basis, there are senior public service posts still occupied by knaves and fools (though not for long we hope).