Sunday, 2 October 2011

Wot A Donut - Manchester United's De Gea nicks a Krispy Kreme

What is it with footballers in Manchester right now? First Carlos Tevez makes a complete Donut of himself by refusing to come on for City in the Champions League, then Manchester United's De Gea nicks a Donut and gets caught. What was Fergie's response "I couldn't see what happened where I was standing" ? "The Security Guard was blatently offside when he nicked him" ?

At times, even the most fervent fans wonder about the mega salaries the stars get. When they then go and pinch donuts from Tesco's it's fair to say that we must all think the world is completely bonkers. A rioter got a jail sentence for nicking a bottle of water. Multi millionaire De Gea got let off with a telling off. Do you ever wonder why the kids who riot feel that society isn't fair? I'm not condoning it, but when their is one law for the rich and another for the poor I'm not surprised when we get social unrest

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