Monday, 10 October 2011

The Monday Joke : 10/10/2011

Due to my general ill humour at reading Twatboy Sheepsjacksie's idiot blog on Friday, I wasn't in a jovial mood on Friday and so I decided to adopt a no humour day, but as we all need our lives brghtening up, here's a Monday joke. I thought that as Rams was responsible for the loss of the Friday Joke, we'd have a farm theme in todays offering.

A man enters his local pub and orders a bottle of champagne. The lady at the bar next to him says "What a coincidence, I just ordered a bottle of bubbly as well. The barman said I was the first person to order champagne this year!" The man said "We'll I'm treating myself, I've got something to celebrate today!". The lady said "What a coincidence, so have I". The man replies "What are you celebrating?". The lady replies "My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for five years. I thought I was infertile, but today I found out I was pregnant". The man said "fantastic, what a coincidence. I'm a farmer and last year I bought a prize hen. I thought was infertile, but today she laid an egg. That's why I'm celebrating". The lady said "wow, that's great, what happened". The man replied "Well I thought I'd try a different cock". The lady replied "Wow, what a coincidence ...."

And on the subject of Cocks, my attention was drawn to THIS WEBSITE - maybe there is a coded message for Boris in here somewhere? If you have a cock which doesn't do the job you want it to .....

And on a completely different subject, there is a most amusing post on Brian Colemans favourite blog I must say it is great to see that Brian Coleman can organise a mass rally in Camden, he must have at least five people there on his demo ! Well done Brian !!!!

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