Saturday, 22 October 2011

Who says we don't need Chase Farm A&E

I wasn't going to be blogging today, but there is something I must share with you. I just had a minor medical procedure performed on me at Barnet General hospital, nothing serious or to worry about. Afterwards the doctor told me that there is a small risk that it may lead to an infection. I asked what I should do. He said "If you get a temperature or any other signs, go to A&E as soon as possible and tell them that you've had the procedure. Normally antibiotics will clear it up straight". I said "Is it best to come here?" He replied "I'd go to Chase Farm if I were you". Great isn't it. The A&E which the doctors recommend is the one the government wants to shut. Have a nice weekend

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baarnett said...

They have always said there would be a minor injuries clinic there. I assume they are sticking with that promise.

Presumably such a clinic would be happy to deal with you, Roger.

What is does mean however, is that expensive CT/MRI scanning equipment and 24-hour consultants would be available elsewhere, at a bigger A&E department that had a bigger throughput of more serious cases.