Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who will Matthew Offord thump at this years Conservative Party Conference Competition - great prizes

Many readers will remember Matthew Offord MP (Hendon) and his shenanigans at last years Tory Party Conference - - Of course the Barnet Eye believes this was a completely one off event and most out of character for Manuel, who is usually far too busy serving the soup. As a bit of fun, we thought we'd offer some odds on a few likely contenders, should the heat and humour get to Matthew. We wish to make it quite clear that the list below is not a wishlist on our part !

If anyone hears that Adrian Murray-Leonard (The UKIP candidate for Hendon) is at the conference, please let me know as I'll probably have to drastically alter the odds.

No one  - 3/18
Ex Councillor Dan Hope 2-1
Councillor Mark Shooter 3-1
Sky Reporter Adam Boulton 7-1
Chancellor George Osborne 25-1
Prime Minister David Cameron 100-1
Elvis Presley 1,000 - 1

Barnet Eye readers are most welcome to add their suggestions (I won't be attending so no need to add me!)

As the odds reflect, we'd like to re-iterate that we think any such thumpering activity is highly unlikely, however any Barnet Eye readers who successfully predicts a thumpee will win a pot noodle (sorry Matthew, the competition isn't open to you).


button55 said...

There`s certain people who would like to thump him as well Don`t forget that Rog..

baarnett said...

Regarding your prize, Mr Offord will be delighted to know that Unilever supply 'Pot Noodle In a Mug', a Cup-a-Soup style packet variant with less noodles, in four flavours: Tomato & Herb, Spicy Curry, Chinese Chicken, and Roast Chicken.

A soup-man's soup, indeed!