Thursday 14 January 2010

Beating Breast Cancer and the 4th Plinth

I had a great response to my suggestion that we do an installation on the 4th plinth to raise awareness of breast cancer and to show that life goes on after mastectomies. Here is a rough mock up of how one side of the plinth may look. Given that breast cancer has killed many times more women than any recent war has killed solidiers (I'm not diminishing their fantastic contribution to the land), lets commemerate them rather than a dead general. Let us try and stop anyone dying needlessly in future. Lets make sure that women realise they are still women after a mastectomy. Lets put  that plinth to a use where in 20 years time, people are alive who would otherwise have died. Trafalger square is an iconic venue. Lets put it to a positive use.

Come on Boris, you know it makes sense.

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