Friday 15 January 2010

First Capital Connect Passenger Bulletin : "Up Yours Matey!"

********** Important Update 2 *************
Just checking the stats and noticed a few people in Westminster have been looking at this blog today. I wonder if this has anything to do with Lord Adonis suddenly deciding to criticise First Capital Connect on the BBC - - ??????
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********** Important Update ***************
I've noticed a large number of hits from the I hate First Capital Connect Website. I've put a link to this and a couple of other relevant groups in the sidebar. If you are disattisfied please sign the No 10 petition. There is an election coming up and if enough people sign it, then they may take note. As of today there are 2,650 signatures. I will provide regular updates on this
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First Group, the company which operates the Thameslink service issued a financial update yesterday. This is the company which has been completely unable to run the service listed in it's timetable for several months. Here's the key statement from the update.
"We are encouraged by the performance of our rail division which continued to deliver growth despite the clear effects of the recession on the UK's rail industry," chief executive Moir Lockhead said in a statement.
Here is the performance stats from their own website :-
 13 Dec-9 Jan            62.8%
 15 Nov-12 Dec         84.1%
 18 Oct-14 Nov          82.1%
 20 Sep-17 Oct           86.8%
 23 Aug-19 Sep          93.3%
 26 Jul-22 Aug           90.8%
 28 Jun-25 Jul            87.7%
 31 May - 27 Jun       91.3%

As you can see, Moir Lockhead, the bloke who runs this lamentable company is "encouraged by the performance" of the shambolic travesty of a company he's in charge of. Could this be because he trousers over three quarters of a million quid a year in "compensation".

Having completely failed to do his job, how can he stick a finger up at his customers so crassly. It is clear to me that there is only one solution. Strip FIRST Group of this and all of their other rail franchises. Lockhead clearly doesn't understand what is expected of someone who is charged with running a rail company. As I predicted previously, the disruption has had no negative effect on the finances of this company. The only people to suffer are the long suffering passengers. I could not believe that First Group think they are doing well. It is time for the Government to step in and take proper action. Gordon Brown has an opportunity to take decisive action and show that he is a tough leader. How can he not take action? Transport Secretary Lord Adonis must take action or resign. This article in "The Argus" sadly shows that Adonis is completely detached from reality. Adonis seems keener to make excuses for this lamentable company than to actually do anything for the hard pressed commuters. I fully agree with Lib Dem Peer Lord McNally, who I heard on BBC London demanding action against First Group. According to the Argus  :-
Liberal Democrat peers leader Lord McNally, speaking from the backbenches, had urged the Transport Secretary to consider whether franchise operator First Capital Connect was meeting its obligations following a series of problems.
Not for the first time in relation to this dispute, it seems to me that only the Lib Dems are taking the concerns of the travelling public seriously. It is Lord Adonis job to sort this sort of problem out. It is clear to me that he's just not interested.

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