Thursday 21 January 2010

The Barnet Times censor my comment about First Capital Connect

How very odd. I left a comment on the Hendon Times website about this story where First Capital Connect were defending their performance

Guess what? It's gone. I didn't save the text, but as I recall I simply suggested that the Times should do a story where they talked to commuters about the problem and also highlighted the No 10 Petition to get the Government to strip First of the Thameslink Franchise. As I recall, there were no swear words etc.

I rather hope that someone from the Times will explain to me why the comment was dropped. I must confess that I'm mystified as to why they should. Anyway if you haven't signed the petition and you are unhappy with First Capital Connect, I suggest you do. There is a link in the sidebar. We are 67 signatures short of 4,000 with over 1,000 signatures in a week. Let's hope that even if the Times are censoring us, the message gets through loud and clear to Trasnport Secretary Lord Adonis.

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