Tuesday 26 January 2010

Who do First Capital Connect think that they are kidding?

The sorry saga of First Capital Connect and the Thameslink route was given a good airing on ITV's London Tonight program last night (Please note this clip will be replaced later today). It is a really good expose on the shambolic service and contains a great Youtube clip. There were two rather revealing moments in the broadcast. The first was the fact that First Capital Connect were unable (or unwilling) to put a spokesman on air to explain the shambles. The excuse "We're too busy". The second thing, gave lie to what they were busy doing. After the clip at the beginning, the presenters asked for comments by email. The emails were read out towards the end of the show. Now if you are a Thameslink commuter who has used the service in the last three months, you tell me if you think this is a "real commuter" or whether you think that this was a message planted by someone in the First Capital Connect PR department. If you forward the clip to 25:04 you will hear it. Shane from Borehamwood said :-
 "I use Thameslink to work in the city. I find the service good. It's a great service"
It is simply totally unbelievable that anyone who commutes to the City from Borehamwood, could possibly say such a thing. Given the "emergency timetable" we had to endure, do you believe that any real person using the service would say it? First Capital Connect stand to loose hundreds of millions of pounds worth of revenue if they are stripped of the franchise. It is clear that they've gone into PR overdrive. It is clear to me that this company will stop at nothing to protect the revenue for their shareholders and directors. Sure I can't prove anything, but I use the service from the next stop on the line. I know what it's been like.  Lord Adonis should take note of these tactics

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