Tuesday 19 January 2010

Thameslink - Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

You will be pleased to know that First Capital Connect have just appointed a new managing director. It is Mr Neal Lawson. He has been promoted from his previous job of delivering rolling stock for the Thameslink programme.

Excuse me if I don't leap with joy, but this is just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Regular readers of this blog will know of the track record of failure which First Group have delivered. This blog passionately believes that First Group should have the Thameslink franchise stripped from them.

Had they appointed someone from outside the organisation, with a track record of fixing broken train companies, maybe I'd be prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, but just promoting someone, who hasn't even been involved with the day to day side of the operation is typical First Group. I sincerely hope Mr Lawson proves all of my fears to wrong, but surely with the track record of First, they should have brought in a heavy hitter. Why haven't they? Because fixing the service would cost money and they don't like to spend it. They'd rather pass all of the cash to their shareholders and directors.

I wish Mr Lawson the very best in his new job. I also note the cynical timing of the appointment. Just as the dispute has finished. My advice to all First Capital Connect Customers. Sign the petition detailed in the sidebar and get the government to take the Franchise away from First Group. This railway line generates pots of cash. This should be reinvested in the service, not lining shareholders and directors pockets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rog T,

Is this the service that runs through Radlett, Elstree, Mill Hill, West Hendon et al?

Also thanks for your support on Rachel's site - I would reply there but as you know, I'm barred! Have w-mailed her personally and am reluctant to go public 'till she replies, which she claims to have done twice and says there's something wrong with my e-mail. Probably innocent, but strange that the only e-mail I got was the one saying she'd replied twice!

Best wishes,

PCS Will.

Anonymous said...

First Barnet Bloggers invade Harrow, now Harrow bloggers invade Barnet!

Anonymous said...

Brent next - North West London unite!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the Lib Dem Loony / Socialist Republic of Brent will be very welcoming of your assistance Will!

Rog T said...


Is that the Lib Dem Loony/Socialist republic of Brent that has a lower Council Tax than True Blue Tory Barnet by any chance?

The only Loonys I know are people who think that the Barnet Tories are doing a good job (and I don't know too many of them these days) :^)

Rog T said...

PC Will,

That is the service

Anonymous said...


Maybe but... still don't see floods of 'for sale' boards in Barnet from people wanting to move from Barnet to Brent!


Rog T said...


It strikes me that with all the redevelopment schemes, Barnets Tories are trying to turn Barnet into the new Brent, with higher Council Tax.

It is obvious to anyone who knows certain officers of the Hendon Conservative Party that the green belt is not safe with them in charge.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Rog, the current 'socialist' housing policies of Barnet Council are against their 2006 manifesto, against pretty much every other London Conservative Council's approach and Boris Johnson's call to protect the suburbs.

It's a disgrace.

But unfortunately all three political parties in Barnet are locking into a pro-developer, massive growth cosy Town Hall consensus so the voters have no choice. There are some who positive despise the family based suburbs and others who see the profits from flats, through s106 agreements, as a way to pay the Council's bills. This is at the massive cost of turning Barnet into a slum.