Tuesday 12 January 2010

Safe Passage

By Boris the Bard,

Whilst we teach our children to cross the roads in as safe as manner a possible what we have is a situation where it is only a matter of time before more lives are lost.
The Ridgeway: Belmont School, Mill Hill School, St.Paul's, St.Vincent's. Every single day of the school term, morning and afternoon...chaos. Buses cannot pass and the chosen few in their 4 x 4's give way to nobody. Suggestion: Make it a Red Route on one side, half-on pavement parking the other...and enforce it.I would also point out that the traffic/parking has been made worse by the traffic generated by the new restaurant at Belmont Stables. The car park is impassable due to the snow so customers are parking on what is already the busiest part of the Ridgeway.
Lawrence Street/Mill Hill Circus: Mill Hill County High School: A substantial percentage of it's 2,000 plus pupils use this junction. We must have a safe crossing point here. Every single day, traffic emerging from Uphill Road, mainly 4 x 4's use their own special imaginary 3rd lane usually reserved for traffic travelling in the opposite direction. I have seen several accidents here, yet, according to the Police, there have been none. If they don't write it down, it doesn't exist. With the speed restrictions removed from Uphill Road, it is only a matter of time before a tradegy occurs.
Dawes Lane /Hammers Lane/Wise Lane: Hideously dangerous "rat-runs" where the traffic regularly exceeds the 30m.p.h limit. Given the proximity of the Mill Hill Park, why nothing to protect pedestrians? The Government and Council implores us to exercise our young. I implore them to give us a safe environment in which to live. 
Mill Hill Circus: Give us traffic cameras on the lights before someone dies. Drivers are less likely to shoot the lights if there are cameras: fact.
Dollis Junior School: Chaos every morning and afternoon. Parking and u-turns on zig-zags are the norm.
At none of these locations are there any Police, traffic or otherwise enforcing the law. The least we can do is to try and make our streets safer for our own children, friends and realtives, it is up to us...it seems that nobody is going to help us. Barnet Council and Transport for London tell us there is no money. Shame on them.
Boris the Bard is a parent living in Mill Hill. His children have to run the guantlet of cars on their daily journey to school, on roads where he has seen many accidents.

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