Wednesday 27 January 2010

Mug the Motorist - Official Barnet Council Policy

Barnet Council would have you believe that they are motorist friendly. That's what they say, but what do they do?  (item six at bottom - go to page 41)

Here the council states that it is using parking tickets as a cash cow to balance the books.

Pg 41. "Parking Income Reduced Parking income due to the poor economic climate and severe weather conditions. To mitigate some of the risk overtime for CEO have been re-instated which will result in additional income. The effectiveness of the re-instatement of overtime is being monitored on a weekly basis."

So there you go, they are making traffic wardens work overtime to raise cash. That is the reality of Council Leader Lynne Hillans Barnet Council motor friendly policies.


Quarmby said...

I'd be more worried about Page 10.
A total of £3.5m more spent on implementing Future Shape. A policy where any savings are completely unproven and only about 10 people in Barnet actually want.

Rog T said...


You are quite right. There are a few things in this document I'm a bit worried about. What worries me about Future shape is just how much they've spent on it and they haven't started implementing it