Thursday 7 January 2010

Brian Coleman is full of GRIT *** Updated ***

************ Urgent Update ******************
Oh Dear - Since this blog was originally posted, the Barnet Roads (or should that be Ice rink) supremo Councillor Daniel Thomas has told the Ham & High that the London Borough of Barnet is RUNNING OUT OF GRIT !!!!! Now if you click on the conversation between Paul Ross & his worshipful Highness Mayor Brian Coleman below on Radio London 94.9 this morning, you will hear Coleman categorically state that there's plenty of GRIT. If you go on the radio, giving large about what a marvellous job you are doing, and less than 8 hours later you are shot down in flames, let's just say you are made to look a tad foolish.

I am writing a new song to commemorate the bad weather. Can you complete the Chorus? If I can ever actually get out of the house and to the studio, I may record it and post it here :-

The Borough of Barnet is out of Grit, out of Grit, out of Grit,
The Mayor of Barnet looks a Total ___, Total ___, Total ____,
The Borough of Barnet is out of Grit, out of Grit, out of Grit,
cos Brian Coleman is full of ____, Full of ____, Full of ____,

Yup, childish I know, but as I lose another days money, the kids have another day off school at home and the  roads and pavements become ever more like Queens Ice Rink, I've got to pass the time of day somehow.

Seems like I'm not the only one unimpressed with Brian Coleman and Barnet - The following was in the Ham & High article.
Richard Madeley publicised his frustrations with Barnet Council on his Twitter page.

The star wrote: "Grrr:still no sign of any gritters here. Looks like our council's f***** up again." to his 10,000 followers.

******************** End of Update ******************* Original Post >>>>>>

For those of you that missed it, Don't Call Me Dave has very kindly produced a clip of the Mayor of Barnet making a plonker of himself whilst being interviewed by Paul Ross on BBC London 94.9 this morning - well worth a listen.

As to the title of this blog. Have I ever mentioned my dyslexia?

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