Thursday 14 January 2010

She Sells Sanctuary

It's a cold and depressing time of year. This song always does it for me when I need cheering up. I spent an evening drinking beer and discussing football with Billy Duffy in 1981 in Stockholm at an Ebba Gron gig. He was touring with Theatre of Hate at the time, and the band had a night off. He's a big Man City fan & a great bloke. They offered me a job roadying for them, but I was young and in love, so I stayed put. One time drummer, Michael Lee gave us his old 18 piece Richmo kit to sell which he'd used on the first Page & Plant Tour. We sold it on Ebay. The guy who bought it turned up and turned white. He'd not realised just how big it was. Tony Cavaye, the drummer with my band, the False Dots set the kit up and we used it for a rehearsal. We couldn't even see him behind the kit. Michael sadly passed away in November 2008. I guess that's enough music waffle and name dropping for one night.

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