Saturday 30 January 2010

Farce Crapital Conmerchants - Weekly roundup

Thought I'd just give a little roundup of all the weeks activity, just to show how well our campaign is going.

The petition to strip FCC of their franchise has been signed by over 5,000 people.

ITV London reports have ran major stories twice this week, highlighting the dissatisfaction with the service as has BBC London. There have been countless radio news pieces.

MP's have raised the matter in the commons and their is a debate scheduled for next week.

We have also seen that First Capital Connect are now telling massive porkies to try and protect their profits. The two biggest lies are "we have run a normal service since the 17th January" and "we are not worried about losing the franchise". Messages have been sent to the TV companies by stooges saying "I commute from Borehamwood and the service is excellent".

We had their meet the manager session where one of their managers admitted driving 27 miles out of her way to avoid the Thameslink service.

First have also announced an "improved" package of compensation - two weeks free travel as compensation for 3 months of misery. For most people working in the city theis doesn't even compensate them for the time lost to 2 weeks of disruption, let alone 3 months.

And finally, what does journey check say today?

Line problem in the Streatham area.
Train services on all routes via Streatham are now running normally in the Streatham area.
Engineers have worked as fast as possible to restore services to normal.
Message Received: 08:55:16 30/01/2010
Funny that, I thought normally that police were called and trespassers arrested and taken away? Why the engineers?

Let's keep up the pressure on Lord Adonis and get this properly sorted out

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