Tuesday 19 January 2010

The poster David Cameron won't be putting up in Barnet

Do you remember Tony Blair announcing that he was a "pretty straight sort of guy". Let's see how straight with us David Cameron is. Lets see how many posters he puts up in Barnet saying how Lynne Hillans Tories are destroying the Sheltered Housing Warden System. Lets see how many he puts up saying how much the Tories have lost in Icelandic Banking scandals. Lets see how many he puts up telling us how badly they managed the Aerodrome Road project. Lets see how many they put up telling us why they have so many "secret squirrell meetings" where the public are excluded. Lets see how many they put up telling you that if you are a rich property developer, you get a premium service with your planning applications. Lets see how many posters they put up telling us that Councillor Brian Coleman is the first Mayor of Barnet to be found guilty in office of breaching the standards code. You may think that David Cameron has nothing to do with any of this. He came to give his support to the Barnet Conservative Council in a meeting in Hendon recently. The Conservative Central Office look at this blog (and I believe Not the Barnet Times) every day. They know what is going on in Barnet. They sent David Cameron down here. Lets see if they were looking for poster sites to highlight the issues I've raised.

I'll donate £20 to the registered charity of your choice for the first person in Barnet to send me a leaflet delivered to them by the Conservatives that mentions any of these cock ups and apologises for being so useless.

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