Friday 8 January 2010

Brian Coleman agrees with me !

Whenever I get a leak from one of my friends in the Barnet Conservative Party, I'm never really too sure what the subtext is. I had the most intriguing little snippet today. Brian Coleman agrees with me and thinks I've hit the nail on the head. I criticised Council Leader Lynne Hillan and Deputy Leader Andrew Harper for going on holiday at the same time, when bad weather was predicted. Apparently Colemans mini Pr blitz on BBC Radio London 94.9 was prompted by a need to feel that "someone was in charge" and "someone at the council was doing something". Sadly for Coleman, it seems that he neglected to coordinate with Councillor Daniel Thomas, the Barnet Roads (or should the be Ice rink) supremo.

As a result he was left looking rather stupid with his "Barnet is full of grit" statement. Brian is less than pleased with how this has all panned out and quite rightly makes the point that "if someone was in charge coordinating this" then these banana skins would have been avoided.

Brian Coleman wasn't keen on Hillan becoming Leader and he's smugly telling everyone that events have proven him right. As Brian Coleman is a former roads supremo, I'm happy to offer him a guest blog at the Barnet Eye to tell his under performing colleagues in no uncertain terms, how things should have been done.

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