Tuesday 5 January 2010

Lynne Hillan makes the headlines (for all the wrong reasons)

A report in the Times says that Hillans Easycouncil scheme to allow rich property developers etc, to pay to jump the queue has been deemed illegal. It seems that Lynne Hillan, rather than realising this bonkers crackpot scheme is unfair and unworkable, has been in to see David Cameron to ask for more "flexibility" for councils. Let us all hope that Cameron gave her a cup of tea, a pat on the head and sent her on her way. I'd love to know how much Barnet Council has wasted on pointless legal cases since the Tories got into power. It looks like there may well be a whole lot more of them sometime soon and as usual taxpayer will pay. If David Cameron really wanted Councils to save money, he'd pass a law limiting councils to just running the services that they are meant to run and doing it properly. Ask anyone how you get results and they say "concentrate on what you are good at". All of Barnets many problems have been caused by getting involved in schemes where they have not got the skill or knowledge base to do the job. Added to that the Tory Councillors have neglected to perform proper scrutiny.

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