Friday, 30 September 2011

The Friday Joke - 30/9/2011

As I sit contemplating this glorious Indian summer and the shenanigans at Barnet Council this week, I was rather stumped for a suitable Friday joke. Then I remembered may dear old Dad's favourite joke. I've modified it slightly to make it more current. There's an English Councillor - Brian Coleman, Sir Alex Ferguson ( I've been told he's a well known Scotsman), and a Welsh Councillor - Daniel Thomas (the only twat in the Village by all accounts).

They are at a civic reception to celebrate Great Britian at Hendon Town Hall. To show their national allegiance, Brian Coleman has a red English rose, Sir Alex Ferguson has a Thistle and Councillor Daniel Thomas has a bunch of Daffodils. All three get struck down with a sudden urge to go for a poo, they are ushered into the Mayors private lavatory (refurbished recently at a cost of £11,000 - seriously).

Brian enters the toilet first and after many gurgles, farmyard noises and pongs, emerges with a smug grin. He announces "Sorry guys, I've used up the last of the Mayors toilet roll". Undaunted, and using the sharp minded intellect for which he is famed, Fergie grabs the bunch of daffodils off Thomas and enters the cubicle. After more farmyard noises and smells, Fergie emerges with a huge grin, but no daffodils. Thomas enquires "What have you done with my daffodils". Sir Alex laughs "Sorry Sonny, their was no toilet paper and needs must". Thomas is mortified "But daffodils are the national symbol of wales, you've wiped your arse on the national symbol of wales." Sir Alex, chortles and says "I'm sorry sonny, here get your own back when you go" and hands him his Thistle.

Have a nice weekend (and for those of you who don't understand humour, it's a joke. I'm sure that Sir Alex would never do such a thing to Councillor Daniel Thomas. As to whether Brian Coleman would leave Dan Thomas in the lurch with the loo roll situation, I'm pleased to say I have no idea whatsoever).

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