Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mill Hill Traffic accident - SLOW DOWN

Many people in and around Mill Hill and Edgware will have been inconvenienced by the accident in Hale Lane yesterday. The Hendon Times reports that
AN 81-year-old Mill Hill man is being treated for suspected fractures of the leg and hip after a traffic incident on Hale Lane yesterday.
The full Times story is available here. Having just returned from a parish council meeting at the Sacred Heart, I am sorry to report that there is a little bit more to the story and it's rather sad. The 81 year old man is a well known and loved member of the local community. He was walking to the bank to pay in proceeds from a charity collection, for a charity which he works. It appears that the car driver lost control and mounted the pavement, breaking his hip. When the news was broken to us, my thoughts went back to one of my mothers more bitter sayings "No good deed ever goes unpunished".

And why do accidents like this happen? Generally because people drive too fast. The location of the accident is approximately 50 yards from Matilda Marks School. I am just thankful that the accident didn't happen as the children were being let out.

The man responsible for roads and highways in Barnet is Councillor Brian Coleman. He has a policy of positively encouraging drivers to "get from a to b as quickly as possible". Traffic calming measures all over Barnet have been ripped out. I'm an advocate of 20 mph zones around schools, which if strictly enforced, may well have prevented this horrible accident. Do we have to wait until some maniac mows down a whole bunch of school children before we see sense. Does Coleman never learn?


Jaybird said...

It is interesting that the council stated in their Transport Local Implementation Plan consultation that most people in the borough are happy with road safety, when it is an issue at every Residents Forum.

Miss Feezance said...

As were the covering over of the lights to help pedestians at the junction of Oakleigh Rd North and the High Rd, N20. Apparently, I heard at the forum, the Totteridge Lane lights for pedestrians are working again because of ward member intervention( in a different ward ) and yet it will take months for these ones to be decided upon? Umm.

Mill Hill Man said...

The accident is a lot more serious than first thought and further to the man's hip and leg injuries, he has suffered severe neck and spinal injuries and major surgery will happen on the morning of Friday 23rd September so please keep this good and innocent man of the people in your thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for all your support.

Kevin Duke said...

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