Monday, 19 September 2011

Andrew Dismore Press release - BRIAN COLEMAN FAILS TO ACT ON HOUSING


The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have confirmed officially in their response to a Freedom of Information request from Andrew Dismore, Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden, that the current Conservative member for the GLA has not written to them even once about any housing policy issues in either Barnet or Camden 

Andrew Dismore said:

“It is shocking that GLA member Brian Coleman has not written to the Government at all on housing issues, despite the serious  problems in both boroughs.  There are acute social and affordable housing shortages in Camden and Barnet has one of the worst waiting list records in the country. The delayed regeneration schemes in Barnet have left residents in limbo and thousands of tenants are in temporary accommodation, some for years on  end.
And above all we are about to witness the effect of the Coalition’s cruel  housing benefit cuts, which will see hundreds of families unable to afford their rent, people up to 35 years old made to share homes, and families forced to move, taking their kids out of school, losing their jobs and their friends in the process.

Whilst Mr Coleman has sent a few official letters to DCLG  in his capacity as chair of London’s Fire Authority about fire service matters (no doubt written by the officers) , the whole issue of the local housing crisis appears to have passed him by. I am sure the electorate of Barnet and Camden are not so heartless and expect more from their GLA member. Either through ignorance or indolence, it is not acceptable for someone in his position to sit on his hands whilst his government is causing so much worry and suffering. It is time for him to go.”

For further comment call Andrew Dismore 07957 625813

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