Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wyevale Garden Centre Mill Hill - Misleading notices

I've been asked to draw attention to the fact that a rather misleading notice has been placed on the site of the former Wyevale Garden Centre in Mill Hill. This states that the nearest Garden Centres are in Enfield, Potters Bar and Harrow. This is totally incorrect. The nearest Garden Centre is in Mill Hill. It's called Finchley Nurseries and they are in Burtonhole Lane. They are also  Mill Hill's oldest garden centre, having been on the site for 73 years. They also have an aquatic centre on site. The full details can be found here -

I've spoken to Etz Chaim school, who will be occupying the site and they have asked me to clarify the fact that the signs are nothing to do with them, as Wyevale still own the site and will do until the 3rd of October. They are not legal able to do anything about the signs. Until that time, Wyevale can do what they like (so long as it's legal). It is natural that they wish to promote their other sites, but the wording on these banners are incorrect. They should say "Your nearest Wyevale Garden Centre is at ....".

As a long standing Mill Hill resident, I urge everyone to support local businesses such as Finchley Nurseries and the Pond Life Aquatic centre. I personally see no reason why any Mill Hill resident would want to shop at Wyevale in future. They made a commercial decision to abandon the Centre, which they claimed was trading profitably to many local residents, up until the transfer of the lease. They chose to leave their loyal customers, so support the centre that is still here and save yourself the petrol. Despite some of the wilder claims by locals, what happened was that Wyevales were a good price and put the cash before their customers. End of Story.


markymark138 said...
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Amela Jones said...

Are you going to do a follow up article? Would love to know what happens next.

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