Monday, 26 September 2011

A stark example of what's wrong with our attitude to road safety in Barnet

I saw this article in the Barnet Times today -

What struck me is how greater emphasis was put on the "severe tailbacks for motorists" than the fact that people were hurt, ambulances called and people taken to hospital. The article begins -

TWO car crashes caused severe tailbacks for motorists in Finchley this morning.
Having been hospitalised by a speeding car, it outrages me that these reports never really tell us what caused the accidents (speed? Alcohol? Bad driving) and what level of injuries were caused. Until we start caring about road safety, nothing will improve. A good place to start would be to follow up these stories, say why the accidents happen, how badly people were hurt and what sanctions were taken against the drivers.

Last week a well known 81 year old man helping out a charity was run over on the pavement in Mill Hill. For a man of this age, at the very least this could be a life changing injury. Barnet Council has an atrocious record on road safety, removing many measures designed to slow down motorists. Ignorant Tories claim speed has no influence on any accident, clearly being too thick to understand that every time a car hits something it's because it was going too fast to stop.

As a father of three children, it scares the hell out of me, but all our road supremo, Councillor Brian Coleman seems to care about is the rights of motorists to go as fast as they like.  Many traffic calming measures on roads on popular walking routes to local schools (Uphill Road, Watling Avenue, Millway) have been  removed. Barnet has seen it's road safety figures become steadily worse than equivalent London Boroughs. When will these idiots ever learn?


Mr Mustard said...

This is a very complex problem Roger. I walk, cycle, motorcycle and drive a car and occasionally a van. I recommend the book "Traffic - Why we drive the way we do - and what it says about us" by Tom Vanderbilt. isbn 978-0-713-99931-0

I think that the main elements of the answer are better driver training and attitude.

baarnett said...

The Barnet Times reacts immediately to the Barnet Eye ...

This REPORT mentions injuries, but no traffic jams.