Monday, 26 September 2011

Barnet Council accused of trying to close down Barnet Football club.

Barnet Council has been accused by Barnet FC of trying to force the club out of Underhill and out of the Borough. The full report is here on the Barnet FC website -,,10431~2459648,00.html

I am disgusted. The club accuse Barnet Council of trying to prevent vehicle access to the ground (access which has been fine for years). They are trying to reduce the footprint of the club and cut the numbers allowed into the ground. In short they are trying to kill the club (or at least force it out of Barnet).

It is truly disgusting that the Council is acting in this way. Most councils see a league club as a tremendous asset and do everything they can to help them. Barnet could be a force driving fitness and educational quality in Barnet. Instead we have a completely blinkered Tory administration, which seems to be conducting a love affair with a Rugby club from outside the Borough, knifing our local club in the back.

The idiots clearly do not see the benefit and the huge prestige of having a league club. How many other London Boroughs get their profile raised every time the football scores are read out? Barnet FC are not my first club, but they are most definately my second. It is time for everyone who cares about football to get behind the club. I will be writing to both Andrew  Dismore and Brian Coleman, who are battling it out for a GLA seat to see what their position is on Barnet FC and what they intend to do. I will reproduce any response I receive in this blog. Here is the email :-

From: Roger Tichborne
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 11:05 PM
Subject: Barnet Football Club being forced out of Barnet

Dear Councillor Coleman and Mr Dismore,
I am writing to you as prospective GLA candidates (and in the case of Councillor Coleman GLA representative and Barnet Council cabinet member) to ask your position with regard to the licensing dispute between Barnet Council and Barnet Football club .
Please could you answer the following questions regarding the club.
a) Do you agree that having a Football league club in the Borough is a huge assett to Barnet?
b) Do you want to see Barnet FC relocate to another London Borough?
c) Will you be making representations to Barnet Council and the Mayor of London to sort the situation out and allow Barnet Fc to continue to provide great enjoyment to many people in the London Borough of Barnet?
d) Have you been, or will you be speaking to Mr Kleanthous (Chairman of Barnet FC) to seek to assist the club and resolve this ridiculous dispute.
I will be publishing any response to this email on the Barnet Eye for the 1,000 + a day readers of the blog. Please feel free to add any comments you may have regarding the situation.
Roger Tichborne

I await their answers. I sincerely hope every football loving voter bears this in mind when the time comes to vote at the next Council & GLA elections.

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