Thursday, 22 September 2011

Barnet Council - Job advert for a freedom of information officer

If ever Barnet Council needed someone urgently to do a job, it's now. That is why the Barnet Eye is reproducing this advert from this weeks Edgware and Mill Hill Press, page 46, completely free of charge. Click on the advert for a more readable version. It's the one in the middle. We'd also be more than happy to carry adverts for a new CEO and Deputy CEO when we move into the post One Barnet era.

And why may you ask, is his blog so keen to see Barnet Council sort out it's freedom of information requests and what evidence do we have that the system isn't working and is in a complete mess. Well read this response from Barnet Council to Labour GLA candidate Andrew Dismore on the subject. It is a total disgrace.


Mr Mustard said...

I might give up the day job and apply for this one and then answer the questions I have myself submitted ?

button55 said...

I think i will do the same Mr M.Where can we go wrong,seemingly we both have half a brain go for it.