Thursday, 22 September 2011

Space Invaders Vs Doom (part II)

So as I was saying yesterday, before I inadvertently pressed the "publish" rather than "save" button, before dashing out for a train ( ). I long ago gave up playing computer games.

When they first came out, no one had computers at home, we played them in arcades and pubs. I remember how in a few short years, pinball machines were displaced and the various electronic games took over. In Spain recently I had a go on one in arcade, first time for years.

So what has this got to do with Barnet & the price of fish? Well, as  I blogged here earlier, Barnet Council is forcing Mill Hill Sports Club to close so that it can build a new school on the site. Football pitches, Hocley, Cricket & a whole host of other activities will cease on the site. This is the nearest such facility for hundreds of young people in Grahame Park and Burnt Oak. So what is there for kids to do on these estates? Hang round on Street Corners looking bored? Sit at home on the Games console? I was discussing the issue of adolescent obesity with friends last week. When I was growing up, this was rare and generally associated with other medical issues. Now it brings on other medical issues.

Once we tear up football pitches and close down sports clubs, they are gone forever. Healthy exercise ceases to be a practical option for young people, with nowhere to go and no one to mentor them. Why on earth can't our politicians wake up to the fact that closure of these facilities is a crime. When youngsters become obese and develop heart disease, diabetes and other weight related issues, this is a direct result of such policies. Young people need activities and exercise. They need clubs with people to bring out the best in them.

Sadly we have a generation of politicians in Barnet who just don't care. We have a council who spend a fortune on their own private army, to keep us plebs out of the way, but won't lift a finger to actually give bored young people something constructive to do

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