Friday, 9 September 2011

The Friday Joke : 9/11/2011

In the week when the CEO of Barnet, Nick Walkley erected huge billboards all around Barnet Councils North London Business Park, in an attempt to bully and intimidate staff, I must say I found it quite amusing to see this being plugged on the front page of the Barnet Council website. Is there a hidden message to our beloved CEO. Maybe I just have a sick sense of humour.

If you want a more traditional joke, try this.

Q: Why did the Barnet resident cross the road?

A: Because he couldn't park where he friggin well wanted to, having he left his mobile fone at home and bloody Brian Coleman has abolished all of the pay and display machines.

And here is my visual joke of the week - sums up the attitude of Barnet Council to association football and Barnet FC.

Have a simply spiffing Friday night and don't forget to tell all the people you love, just how much you love them.

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