Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Temporary Housing in Barnet - Am I the only person who finds this DPR disgusting & despicable

I've just come across this Barnet Council Delegated powers report, signed off by Councillor Tom Davey. It's not often I'm truly shocked but this is scandalous. They should have the BBC and ITV outside Barnet Town Hall.

First look at section 4.1 - it says
Analysis undertaken in the London Borough of Barnet, shows that almost 70% of
households in temporary accommodation are from non-white households,
compared to 20% of the Borough’s population as a whole. This suggests that the
black and ethnic minority households are at greater risk of the potential negative
effects of living in TA
There is a myth that immigrants are given all of the council houses. Not in Barnet, rather clearly. Having stated that this is an issue, what do the council say they will do to introduce some fairness? Absolutely nothing.

Having declared that housing allocation in Barnet is in effect discriminatory and racist, they then spend the whole of section 8 discussing ways to line the pockets of private Landlords. Anyone who has seen Councillor Tom Davey, who signed this off, in action will know that he is not exactly filled to the brim with compassion.

So there is another group of people who we can add to the list of Council Cabinet Members, Council senior executives and high earning consultants, who all do well out of the council. We can add private landlords who let properties to the council for people in dire straits.

Temporary Housing

And on the subject of private Landords in Barnet, I wondered if any Barnet Councillors have significant property assets and interests in properties. What do you think?


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There's somwthing more about housing on your Link in the right-hand column, Roger:

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Try that again:

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