Saturday, 10 September 2011

Breaking News : Barnet to ditch One Barnet & sack Nick Walkley ?

Following my last post on Leadership, I have just been informed by an impeccable source, that we are going to see some very strong Leadership in Barnet. I have been told that Barnet Council are planning to ditch the One Barnet program and this may possibly spell the end for CEO Nick Walkley (although this is not clear).

The reason? It is (as ever in Barnet) purely political. The scale and level of resistance to the One Barnet program is such that the Conservative Party are spooked about the effect on the GLA elections for Brian Coleman. As there is an expectation that the race between Boris and Ken is going to be "tight" an anti Coleman/One Barnet backlash could cost Boris the mayoralty and bang a huge nail in the coffin of the Coalition government. The last thing Coleman needs is a constant stream of bad news between now and May if he wants to keep his £53,000 a year job at the GLA.

Brian Coleman has never been convinced by One Barnet and believes it to have become an albatross around the neck of the Barnet Tories. Coleman has long argued that if they drop the whole plan, then there will be nothing for the opposition to rally around.

The only issue they now have is how to present this complete humiliation as a victory. The Barnet Eye believes that the Coleman strategy is to shaft Barnet UNISON and say "We've destroyed the trade unions" so we can run the Council more efficiently. Coleman believes that if One Barnet disappears, UNISON will lose it's raison d'etre and will be easy meat.

What is unclear is what this means for Barnet Council CEO Nick Walkley. My source feels that he'll make a very good scapegoat, but this is pure speculation.

One thing which is very clear is that the pressure to drop One Barnet is from senior Tories both inside and outside of Barnet. Many BAPS officials were wondering about the fact Brian Coleman was in such a good mood at NLBP this morning. Now you know why.

Watch this space, there is plenty more to this story, but I really can't say right now for obvious reasons, but rest assurred we will keep you informed.


Mr Mustard said...

Ooh, I don't think I have seen "Brian Coleman" and "good" in the same sentnece before?

baarnett said...

It would take rather stupid leadership for UNISON to win the war but lose the peace. Far more likely would be for UNISON to claim victory, and then stay stronger and more organised than it ever was before.

On a different note (although London will not be in the eye of the storm) I see that:

Severe gales and flooding are expected to hit parts of the UK, as Hurricane Katia makes its way across the Atlantic.

Winds of up to 80mph are predicted to hit north-west Scotland by Monday, with Northern Ireland, north Wales and northern England also likely to be affected.

Forecaster Michael Dukes, from MeteoGroup UK, said: "It looks likely this will be a significant storm event for mid-September.

"Strong winds have been predicted, which could result in trees coming down, causing major structural damage and travel delays.

"Inevitably with the remnants of a tropical storm, there will also be a risk of flash flooding."

Even now, Souperman Offord will be phoning David, to ask to sit in on a COBRA emergency meeting: "David, David, I know all about hurricanes! Let me come along! Who? Me! Oh, you MUST remember me! The Commons? Your request about what soup was on that day? Yes, that's right! No, I'm an MP. For Hendon! HENDON. H-E-N-D-O-N. Yes that's right!"

hangbitch said...

That is HUGE. Need to hang onto the union tho.