Monday, 5 September 2011

What does Hendon MP Matthew Offord have to say about Hendon Station becoming unmanned?

Today the Evening Standard reports that two local First Capital Connect Stations are to become unmanned. These are Hendon and Elstree. They are two of 675 ticket offices to be closed as part of the CONSERVATIVE governments cost cutting measures. Too bad if you need a ticket. Of course you'll still get the £20 penalty fare if you don't have one.

What does our local MP have to say about it on his Twitter feed? Nothing - he's too busy scoffing cake!/HendonMP/statuses/110685701955260416

Matthew Offord
Thank you to Red Watch at Mill Hill Fire Station for the birthday cake!
 And nothing on his website either :-
Amazing really? Does he know? Does he care? Has he complained to First Capital Connect? Has he lobbied the Government (which he slavishly supports).

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baarnett said...

Never mind the trains.

High winds, driving rain, damage to property today: Where is some leadership? Who can offer expertise in hurricanes, honed in brutal experience, drilled by repeated practice, perfected by masterful intellect?

Who will come forward and say: "I can lead!"?