Monday, 12 September 2011

Toxic One Barnet Strike Update

Reports are reaching the Barnet Eye that Barnet Council staff are being told that if they go on strike for 1/2 day, they will be locked out for the rest of the day. A classic Toxic One Barnet solution. If it is bad, make it twice as bad  - Durrr !!!!!!

Do you suppose that if Toxic One Barnet CEO Nickerless Walkley stubs his toe, he hits the other one with a hammer to make it better?

And who suffers. Ultimately the taxpayer who is relying on these clowns to manage a service on our behalf.

Could you make it up? Read my post on Saturday regarding leadership - - they haven't got a clue. It is likely that if they prevent staff coming in, they'll have to pay them anyway as they have a contract of employment that says they can take industrial action without suffering this crap. So we'll be giving the staff a free half day. It's called the law dummies !

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princessp said...

Just so you are aware the barnet employees who went on strike (i did) did not get a free half day & were deducted a full days salary even though we offered to work for half a day-if Walkely was thinking correctly he cld have had a provided half a day service to barnets residents(of which i am one)