Friday, 16 September 2011

Barneteye TV - Barnet Council - Localism Debate

Here are a couple of speeches from the debate on localism at the Barnet Council meeting on 13th September.

I've focussed on the speeches by Lib Dem Lord Monroe Palmer and Councillor Kath McGuirk. There were other speeches, but to be honest, these were the only ones worth listening to in my opinion. Lord Palmer makes an excellent case for a return to the Committee system. Labour Councillor McGuirk, gives a good example of how to put a well reasoned case. You may like to watch the behaviour of Brian Coleman at around 7.30. Most rude. McGuirk also highlight the rudeness of the treatment residents at a recent planning meeting by the Council.

These speeches show that there is a place for sensible debate in the Council chamber. I would have also put up Councillor Daniel Thomas speech, but trust me, that's five minutes of your life you'd never get back.

Two interesting things to note. The Tories are obviously a little scared and envious of Lord Palmer these days. He is where they aspire to be,especially Councillor Brian Coleman  (The Lords). Before his peerage they used to give him short shrift.. An example of what happens when you just get on with doing the job. As for McGuirk. They are also clearly scared of her, probably because she's feisty and intelligent. Apart from Coleman, who has no manners at all, the rest of them behaved themselves. I suspect one day, in the not too distant future, McGuirk will go on to greater things.

Lord Palmers amendment was passed (with slight amendments  to look at a return to the Committee system), I'm sure you can work out the rest for yourself !

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