Saturday, 24 September 2011

Name that Tory !!! Win a pot noodle !!!! - The Barnet Eye weekly competition

A friend said something last night, which caused me to pause and think. They casually mentioned that my blog is rather scathing of "all the Barnet Tory Councillors". I can understand why that may be the impression, but it's far from the truth. Firstly there are plenty of Conservative Councillors we've never insulted. Some of these, for the very good reason that they are actually invisible. I had a quick browse through the list of Conservative Councillors and sure enough, there are a few I've never heard of at all. I have a quick test for you. Can you name this Barnet politician?

Can you name this Barnet Councillor?
 Nope, it's not a young Ed Balls. It is a Barnet Conservative Councillor. A free Pot noodle for the first commenter to correctly identify the man. He's never been insulted by this  blog and I doubt he ever will be. I must say that given the antics of some of his more high profile colleagues, his low profile and lack of silly proclamations is a refreshing change.

Anyway if you can name that Tory, you will win a free Pot Noodle at North West London's finest music studios.


Nicholas said...

Stephen Sowerby

I claim my pot noodle (actually I would be very happy to donate it (or the equivalent in cash) to a local worthy cause - my guess is that the Methodist Church might need it to make up for the low rents that they are currently recieving from one of their local tenants.

button55 said...

Who is he ?????

Don't Call Me Dave said...

The competition might have been harder if you had changed the file name of the picture you used! Stephen Sowerby is anonymous, and for good reason. He is desperately hoping voters will forget that one of his very first acts as a Conservative Councillor was to vote in favour of the massive hike in allowances. Ker-Ching!

Mr Reasonable said...

What is Mr Sowerby's attraction to cemetries? Friend of Highgate,Nunhead and West Norwood cemetries.

MickeyN said...

"I've had a number of letters from my constituents OPPOSING this development and none supporting it but I am voting FOR the development"

A quote from Sourdough at the laughably named Chipping Barnet "Planning" Committee earlier this year.