Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sponsor this now or the Blog gets it !

For the last three years, I've given every spare waking hour to writing this blog for the people of Barnet. It is no lie to say it has driven my good lady, Mrs T (for the sake of clarity not Mrs T the blogger) completely bonkers. Now like me, she cares passionately about our community and the people in it. Unlike me, she shows this in ways that don't involve writing blogs about Barnet. She has decided to do a Sponsored night time walk for Cancer Research UK. She has set herself a modest target of £200 for this excellent cause. She is doing the walk in memory of the many friends and family who we have lost, or who have had their lives damaged through the effects of Cancer.

She has set up a sponsorship page, which you can donate through. This blog is 2,112 to be published here. I've asked for nothing in return, until now. Anyway, I've made a rash promise that if she doesn't get £200 sponsorship, by 1st October, I'll give up blogging and get a life again. So if you want to see the back of me, keep your wallet in your pocket.  If you want the blog to continue, please donate a little to this great cause.

We get 30,000 hits a month on this blog from 13,000 unique visitors. If 10% of those think there is any value in this blog at all and donate a single £1, then that will raise £1,300 for Cancer Research. So please, please donate £1 if you think this blog is worth anything. It will also be a great way of showing people who are against what this blog stands for that there is massive support in Barnet for what we are saying.

If you are generous enough to give a little bit more, that would be fantastic, but every little bit will help.

Here is the link :-

I will be giving regular updates. It is not easy for Mrs T being the wife of a blogger, especially with three children, so please show a little appreciation for her patience in not divorcing me long ago.

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