Friday, 2 September 2011

Rev Adrian Benjamin - A very stupid man indeed

The Ham & High has covered the story of how Rev Adrian Benjamin "disposed" of the Barnet Alliance for Comminty Services banner.

To quote the article :-

Rev Benjamin, chairman of the event’s organising committee, said: “If someone came in with explosives then it would have been me who was responsible for disposing of it and as far as I’m concerned it’s as predacious as a bomb.’’ He referred to Mr Silverman as ‘‘a rogue, a rogue.”
As Benjamin is clearly a little bit dim, lets explain to him the difference between a bomb and a community banner.

A bomb is something which :-

a) You cannot simply ignore if you don't like it
b) Has the potential to kill, injure and maim people
c) Is constructed solely with the intention of damaging people and property

The Barnet Alliance for Community Services banner is :-

a) Something you can ignore, with no risk to your person or property
b) Has no asscociated risk to life, limb or property
c) Is constructed solely to prevent political decisions which will put the safety of the elderly, the young and the infirm at risk

I would suggest that if Benjamin is too stupid to be able to work this out, he's probably about as much good at being a priest as the BAPS banner would be if you wanted to use it to blow up the East Barnet Festival.

As for Benjamins comment that Julian Silverman is a Rogue, let me just say this. If he thinks that it is OK to abuse an OAP who gives up his time for free to try and save people from the effects of cuts to public services, he is a disgrace to the office he holds. He should be sacked. I personally will be writing to the Archbishop of Canterbury and requesting his dismissal. I know Julian and he cares passionately about his community. I am sickened that a supposed holder of a clerical office could say such a thing.

I had thought Councillor Robert Rams was the biggest twat in Barnet. It seems like someone is set on stealing his crown.


baarnett said...

If he DID steel his crown, he would then leave it in a tent overnight and lose it.

Mr Mustard said...

There was mention of it turning up at the Summers Lane recycling facility. So the banner might be recyclable plastic and the crown will hopefully be gold and will go for metal recycling?

baarnett said...

Well, "If a man takes, without right, another man's ox or his sheep, and puts it to death, or gets a price for it, he is to give five oxen for an ox, or four sheep for a sheep, in payment: the thief will have to make payment for what he has taken; if he has no money, he himself will have to be exchanged for money, so that payment may be made."

So I reckon: if he pays for five new banners, we'll say no more about it.

Ron said...

IMHO, the right caption should have been St. Adrian the AntiCuts banner slayer. or maybe St. Andrew in the park?
or even maybe wherefore if they shall say unto you, behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. Because he is in the park.

Ron said...

the following url might be of interest.

Father Adrian the great educator:

Father Adrian educational success story:

Father Adrian making relentless efforts to bring the younger generation to the Holy Communion: