Monday, 5 September 2011

Former Barnet Tory Councillor calls Hendon Tory Chairman a "Pompous Arsehole" on Twitter

What is it about the Barnet Tories? They really hate each other, don't they? Former Chipping Barnet Conservative Councillor and Tory activist, Daniel Hope, tonight called the Chairman of the Hendon Conservatives and senior Barnet Councillor Hugh Rayner a "pompous arsehole" on Twitter.!/barnetbugle/statuses/110775485029560320

His exact statement :-

The Barnet Bugle Ltd
Pompous arsehole Cllr Hugh Rayner continues to obstruct us filming meetings and even collecting papers from the table for the meeting.
One can only speculate as to why these two have developed such a tetchy relationship. Personally I think Councillor Rayner is a truly wonderful addition to the local political scene and can confirm that he hasn't got a pompous bone in his botty. You can see him being extremely unpompous in this clip below. Hugh kindly allowed the Barnet Eye to film this Council meeting for a full 27 minutes, before this interjection. He is on record as being the first Barnet Councillor to be filmed in action at a Committee meeting. This was in the days before the Council realised that filming meetings was actually quite legal. 
Oh what fun we had


button55 said...

Well said Mr Hope.Rayner is a pompous arsehole and always seems to me a little on the dense side,and out of touch.If Rayner wants to see the real life in Hendon,i think he ought to get his horrible head out of Manuel,commander.Offord`s jacksie before he totally gets lost in the art of brown noseing... Grrrr

baarnett said...

button: And we always thought it was just oxtail soup.