Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Belmont Childrens Farm - Planning appeal decision - the appeal by the farm owner has been rejected

Many people in Mill Hill, the London Borough of Barnet and elsewhere will be interested to read the results of the appeal by Mr Andew Reid (former deputy chairman of the Hendon Conservative Party), owner of Belmont Childrens Farm against the London Borough of Barnet, who issued enforcement notices against the farm. This blog has closely followed this issue, given the issues at stake for the conservation area and Mill Hill.

I look forward to comments from various local Conservatives, who were very keen to give their views on the situation at Dale Farm, where a travellers camp has been erected without planning permission. They rather lamely claimed "they didn't have the details to comment". Well they do now, as the whole decision is published here.

Please read the judgement in full and form your own opinions. I have.

Belmont Childrens Farm


Jaybird said...

Very interesting that the Inspector referred to the draft National Planning Policy Framework, even though it is not yet in force and currently out to consultation!

It remains a mystery to me why planning permission was not applied for in the first place.

Rog T said...

A mystery indeed Julia, a mystery

baarnett said...

Jaybird: Particularly since the place seemed well-designed, and the cafe was excellent. They were also obsessed with avoiding disease, as well.