Monday, 12 September 2011

Twatman strikes again (well not literally as that would cost him a days pay!)

Would you Adam and Eve it. Twatman has done it again. Barnet's very own answer to absoultely bugger all, Councillor Robert Ramsbottom has posted yet another of his inane blatherings, totally unaware of his own council's policy.

Here's a few prime cuts from little squeaky
Council spending is, of course, centred on encouraging people to take some form of exercise rather on the broader definition of leisure
The population of young people is literally expanding – childhood obesity has risen as comparatively sedentary pursuits such a video gaming replace sport as many young people’s leisure activity of choice.
 Well Bobby, if you look in the sidebar, you'll see a petition opposing your administrations plans to shut Mill Hill Sports club. This blog has previously featured stories on how the Council are selling off playing fields (several currently up for sale), how they are forcing football clubs out of the Borough and how they have hiked the rents of other sports clubs.

Sadly Little Bobby Sheepsjacksie mentions none of this in his blog. Perhaps the most galling statement for me personally is this
There is obviously a clear public good in supporting swimming that is not so immediately apparent in subsidising tickets to the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

My daughter is a competetive swimmer who has won gold medals at the National Swimming championships. Barnet has one of the most successful clubs at Copthall. I'd like Bobby to give us a short blog on how the Council has increased support for our boy and girl swimmers as the Olympics approach. It may be a rather short blog. It's bad enough that they don't give a shit. When they pretend they do it really becomes rather galling.

 So if you care about Sports facilities in Barnet, please click on the link in the sidebar and sign the petition.

By the way, following the closure of Mill Hill Sports Club, the Mill Hill Jazz Club has found a new home on Wednesday nights at Mill Hill Golf Club - full details here -

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