Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BarneteyeTV - These are the people running the Council - Council meeting 13/9/2011

For those of you who want to know why at times this blog is rather, shall we say, impatient with our councillors, please have a look at this Barneteye TV broadcast. We have four answers to ordinary Councillors from Council cabinet members (a cabinet member gets a big extra wad of dosh and makes decisions, which the sheep then rubber stamp.

There are 4 questions & answers. Here's a brief description of what happens.

Q1. Labour Councillor Barry Rawlings asks a question about transfer of community assets. He asks a perfectly reasonable question on behalf of a community group. Tory Cabinet member Councillor Robert Rams summarily dismisses Rawlings & the Taxpayers he was asking on behalf of in a most rude fashion.

Q2. Just to show that it isn't only Labour Councillors who get patronised. Here is Tory Councillor John Hart, who has for many years been involved with the allotment associations and is an old school Tory Councillor (so old school that he can't operate the microphone).  He asks about the allotments which don't want to go into Self Management. Tory Cabinet member Brian Coleman explains his plans to ride roughshod over the wishes of these Barnet Taxpayers. Coleman explains how that any allotment holders who don't want self management will be forced to, because he knows best.

Q3. Labour Councillor Geoff Johnson asks for a clarification on the issue of a review of parking charges, following contradictory answers from various cabinet members. At this Tory Cabinet member and Councillor Tom Davey calls Councillor Johnson a liar. Uproar ensues, with people exclaiming they heard the contradictory answers at the sub commitee last night. Councillor Brian Coleman says no review will take place. An affronted Johnson says "I'm not a liar, I take umbrage at that" . The Mayor insists that Davey withdraw the accusation of lying. Davey, like a rather irritating teachers pet says "I believe Councillor Cook (???) is mistaken with the truth". Most revolting of all is the smug way Tory Councillor Hugh Rayner turns around and laughs at Councillor Johnson as Davey says his piece. Shameful (I am glad I video'd this so you can see this moment).

Q4. Labour Councillor Alison Moore asks what is done to ensure that when the private sector takes over a service, they also take over responsibility for the risk. Tory Cabinet member Councillor Daniel Thomas replies that "in this instance it is part of the contractual arrangements that the risk gets passed back to the Council". In other words, the private sector takes the profits but not the risk. This is why One Barnet has become such a toxic brand.

So having watched the clip, what do you think. Are these highly paid cabinet members providing a decent public service. Is this what you voted for? Is this how you thought these people represented you.

When you hear that when services are outsourced to contractors, the council keeps the financial risks, do you think this is a good way to run the council? There were dozens of other questions. These are just a few. In virtually all of them the pattern was the same, apart from a few patsy planted questions from Tory brown nosers such as Daniel "Imber" Seal.

I could say so much about why I think these people are failing us, but I'm sure if you've watched the video, I don't have to, do I. This is why it is vital we record these meetings.


Jaybird said...

Each clip more astonishing than the last. Thanks for filming

button55 said...

Tom Davey you stupid,stupid boy ..!!!