Saturday, 17 September 2011

BARNETEYE TV - Live from Hendon Town Hall - Comedy moments from our local Tory Councillors

As it's Saturday, here's a few out takes from our Barnet Council meeting on the 13th. There are marvellous examples of the crass stupidity from Councillor Danny "Imber" Seal and Councillor Dim Thomas. Seal asks Thomas if he thinks it's marvellous that 20% of Council spending is "non compliant" (ie out of control). Thomas replies that yes, it's marvellous because a few other councils are even worse. He then says  it shows that Barnet is a "High performing Council". Of course I had to translate into plain English, but that is exactly what he says. Clearly Thomas gave Seal a sweetie for his "Patsy" question.

Then we have some true comedy, as the Barnet Town Hall ghost decides he's had quite enough of Councillor Bwian Coleman and knobbles his microphone. Fortunately Councillor Wobert Wamsbottom wides in to wescue him. Coleman then goes on to blame everyone else for the appalling state of Barnet's road, which he's in charge of. It's all the fault of parents & utility companies and nothing to do with him.

Enjoy !!!!

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