Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Barnet Council - more leaks than a St Davids day parade

The Barnet Eye is pleased to announce the relaunch of our sister blog today as a wikileaks style resource for anyone who has some juicy info about Barnet Council Future Shape program which should be in the public domain, but Barnet Council are hiding. We kick off today with this - a document slid under our door which is entitled "CSO Success : Notes for the Project Team".


The best bits are in section 3 - here's a few choice quotes

3.2 - "You need a project plan for the consolidation"

3.6 Revenues and benefits. How are you going to reach a decision on this? As you know, the manager isn't convinced you bring any benefits, but is convinced splitting up the service imports change risk to critical services ....

and best of all

3.12 ..... can you access any bridging finance where channel shift has up front costs, for you or services.....

In other words

a) There is no proper plan
b) The bloke implementing the project thinks it delivers nothing worthwhile
c) The project isn't properly financed and hasn't got the cash it needs

I wonder how many councillors have seen this document. If they have it's scandalous that they are proceeding. If they haven't then it is even more disgusting.

Sometimes I wonder just what our Councillors get paid for? It certainly seems that our Tory masters in Barnet don't think they are paid to protect our interests. Please forward me any other nuggets you feel the public of Barnet deserve to see. It is 100% clear to me that the Leader of the Council is engaged in covering up a huge and systemic case of mismanagement. It is not clear at all to me why she should wish to do so.

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baarnett said...

It is very difficult to read the repositioning going on in the Supreme Cabinet.

It is, of course, some time since the 'Great Leader', Kim Mi Kee, relinquished power to his 'Dear Leader' heir, Kim Hil Inn.

But with standards of management demonstrated in documents you have leaked, the promises made in the Party, that Kim Hil Inn was to be removed 'due to ill health' within a few months, come to the fore.

The award today of a new Party pencil sharpener and novelty ball-point pen to the young pretender, Kim Har Per, means that only a bloody coup by renegade Kim Shoo Ter can stop the inevitable.

The regime has survived for many years with the support of the Central Office of the Party. This has been giving mixed signals lately. It gave asylum to Kim Mi Kee last May, and cups of tea to an earlier Great Leader and his people's hero wife a couple of months later.

However, the visit this week by a low-level official Who Is He to the Dear Leader's office has confused the Barnet People's Daily, and the rest of us.