Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Chaos in the Banana republic of Barnet

The people of Barnet showed Lynne Hillans Tories what they thought of them, their library cuts and their troughing. Outside the town hall, hundreds of people gathered (including sheltered housing residents in wheelchairs) for a mass lobby as the council meeting started.

Lynne Hillan, having knobbled the opposition had hoped for a good news story about how the private sector has saved the jobs of sacjed Connaught workers. She hoped to get off the hook, as her easycouncil project is unravelling to mass public opposition and the failure of council contractors.

The Hendon Times jumped the gun and printed this


Sadly it appears the story is wrong. KPMG sent an email to Connaught workers saying they were still sacked this evening. It  must be concluded that the deal hasn't been done and the workers are still unemployed and the residents still high and dry.

News also reaches the blog that up to 20 childrens centres have been earmarked for closure in Barnet.

As to the Council meeting. Bloggers don't count as press, so they wouldn't let me in. The numbers were restricted to 25 and I wasn't one of the chosen few. I've had a few texts from friends inside.

"Shameful", "They all bottled out", "A damp squib" "No Nuts". Basically, as predicted here, a deal has been done. I have some details of it, but I'm awaiting proper confirmation. It is clear Hillan has yet again survived. It seems even more of them bottled it than I thought.

So this is the reality of Barnet. Workers get sacked, failed Council leaders don't. As ever Barnets Tories put their own well being before everything. Last Tuesday 18 of them voted against Lynne Hillan. This Tuesday they voted to save their jobs and their perks. Perhaps the only surprising thing is that anyone ever thought anything else would happen.

In some ways though, you have to admire Hillan. Like all good Captains she's staying at the helm of the sinking ships. I just find it odd that the crew are urging her on towards the Iceberg. I suppose that Lynne Hillan will claim she's won another famous victory. The word on the street is that Harper is letting her do her worst before he finally sticks the knife in and finishes her off. He wants the worst of the cuts to have been announced before he steps in to save the council.

Mind you, I'm rather pleased for Alison Moore, Leader of the Labour Group. She couldn't have wished for a better result. Sadly in all of this who pays - the workers. That's why I feel utterly dejected.

Message to Lynne Hillan - Your colleagues may lack the nuts to finish off your leadership, the people of Barnet are a completely different proposition


Mrs Angry said...

Ha, Mr Tichborne ... here's one blogger who did get in to the meeting, by using her wits ... and no, not by pulling any strings. Full report later. Who is worse, I wonder: the openly self gratifying Tory councillors who have always protected their own self interests and voted accordingly, or those handwringing little hypocrites who have been claiming to be so upset by the allowance rise but all fell meekly into line again this evening? Every single one, their names read out by Labour's insistence on a division. Mark Shooter was booed loudly from the public gallery when his name was read out. It is impossible to feel more ashamed of being represented by such a bunch of absolute tossers.

Rog T said...

Mrs Angry,

So it's not true about your pictures of Councillor Harper in a rather embarrassing pose being used to secure a seat. Trust a SMOG to get in, did you pretend you were a certain Dr Gearsons best mate?

As I couldn't join in the fun, I thought I'd do the next most enjoyable thing and spent the evening sticking pins in my eyes.

Moaneybat said...

Nothing new about Tories and their lack of principles. As for Shooter man's got to do what his people in Hendon ward expect. Money talks! and he's got the money to follow the other three stooges to Westminster.

Mrs Angry said...

aha ... my lips are sealed - but I don't think a man like Andrew Harper is embarrassed by anything much, you know, judging by the political company he keeps ... Mrs Angry cannot reveal her secret methods of gaining admission to the democratic process, which is obviously something that has to be rationed and controlled in this borough, but she can confirm that sticking pins in your eyes was the more enjoyable way of passing the time. Unless you particularly enjoy the spectacle of 39 Tory councillors shaming themselves and the people of this borough by their shameful, gutless vote this evening. Predictable, of course, but nauseating all the same.

vickim57 said...

If you like the picture, there are more over on my Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/11722019@N03/sets/72157624958093814/

Vicki (Bar Mitvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, etc...)