Friday, 10 September 2010

Barnet Leadership Challenge : Mark Shooter and his cunning plan

A little "ill informed, idle speculation for you on a Friday night" as you lot won't leave me alone.

Ok, so you are millionaire Mark Shooter. You are a newly elected Barnet Tory Councillor and you have come to the conclusion, in three short months that the people at the top of the Barnet Tory party are a complete shower of ....... Most of them haven't got a clue who you are.

One day, whilst idly playing with your ducks in the bath you think to yourself "I know, I've got a cunning plan. I'll stand against the leader. No one knows who I am, Hillan has them all in her pocket, I'll lose and then I'll be ostracised and look stupid". You put your cunning plan to a few other Barnet newboys and they say "Hey Mark, that's a great plan, sign me up".

You then go and enact your plan and it works perfectly. You can then have all the fun of being barked at by Brian Coleman, sit on your own in the council chamber and skulk off.

Now I've never met Mark Shooter, so I've no idea whether he's a genius of this magnitude or not. What I do know is that he made a serious amount of money and has been very successful in business. Whatever he did or didn't expect, unless he's completely bonkers he did better than he could have reasonably hoped.

What does this mean? Well, this is wild speculation, but I suspect it means that his plan is far more cunning than the one I outlined above. If so, then what we've seen so far is just a preliminary skirmish. If I was Lynne Hillan, I'd put the Champagne back on ice.


baarnett said...

I quite agree - he surely expected to lose. But as with Baldrick, he must have a cunning plan.

Since it is safe to say that Jack Cohen is not part of it, the vote next Tuesday must be an interesting little addition to it, whatever it is.

I see that ex Labour Minister Gareth Thomas (MP for Harrow West) is proposing a Royal Commission on London, given all its challenges, not least how it is governed.

Evening Standard

Although his motion is unlikely to get anywhere, there must be a widely-held view that our political structure in London has to change.

Mrs Angry said...

If Shooter retires from the fight now, he is hardly cut out for a life in politics, is he? Nor would that sort of shy and retiring nature get you very far in business. If he can be bothered, there is still all to play for. The likes of Hillan and Coleman can only survive in a kindergarten: in the real world of politics they are just comic characters. If and when someone with real political talent turns up, the game will be up. Do I care? No, not really, I feel utterly sick of the lot of them and the damage they are doing to this borough.