Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Barnet Council Leadership Challenge - Unelected official threatens councillors

**************** Update 27/09/2010 22:50 ******************
The mystery post returns. Now you may wonder why this disappeared and then came back again. Well one of my sources suggested that the screenshot was not genuine and someone was playing silly games. As such I thought that the safest course of action was to get the whole thing verified. I now have the information which has satisfied me that the screenshot is genuine.

Why, you may ask would someone take such a screenshot? Heaven only knows, but it has been suggested that it could possibly have been because they were rather pleased with themselves.

Anyway, if you are a Finchley Conservative Councillor, you now know how much respect Mike Freer's agent has for you. Whatever I may or may not think of our Tory councillors, at least they've been elected by someone and have some sort of mandate. What mandate or right does a party apparatchik have to behave in such a way. I suspect I'm probably a bit more familiar with the writings of Trotsky and Marx than many of our Finchley Tories. As a public service to them, I'd suggest they CLICK HERE to find out what this sort of thing is called. Anyway, here's what I had to say

Just out of interest, do you know who pays the allowances for Councillors? In case you didn't, the answer is we do. The Taxpayer. How do you feel about paying the wages of people who don't work for your interests, but work for someone else. I was passed an email with a screenshot of an "alleged" instant messaging conversation between the agent for the Finchley Conservative Party, Rachel Shawcross and an unnamed third party regarding the vote of confidence in Lynne Hillan. This has been passed to me by an impeccable source, who is less than happy at such interference by a minor party apparatchik in the democratic process (follow this link to see the structure of the Finchley Conservative Party -  http://www.finchleyconservatives.com/association/theteam.html). It is bad enough that they are a gutless bunch of lackies, they fact that the person pushing them around isn't even elected makes it so much worse. Even more bizarre - ask yourself this (and I don't know the answer). Why did they take a screenshot of the Instant messaging session?

Of course, it may be that this is nothing to do with Rachel Shawcross and someone in the Finchley Conservative Party is making trouble for her. I have published this as it is a matter of huge public interest. If Rachel contacts me to confirm that :-

a) This instant message conversation never took place

b) She put no pressure on councillors to toe the leadership line

c) She had no letters ready to "sack councillors from the party"

I will immediately remove this posting and replace it with a public apology - I will also make a £20 donation to a charity of her choice. If it is genuine or even if an unelected official such as her took the actions detailed, it is a gross interference in the process of democracy, is a matter of huge public interest and as such should be in the public domain. By the way I do have some other evidence of all of this, but it would expose my sources to publish it.

Anyway the ball is in Rachels domain now. Lets see what happens.


baarnett said...

What does she mean by the "sillyness" of the "phone calls?"

If they were to ensure votes for Hillan, is that not just the same as the verbal warnings allegedly given?

So why is one necessary, and the other silly?

baarnett said...

Peeky-boo! I've found you!

Let's hope this post get substantiated, and can again receive the oxygen of publicity it deserves (if true).

baarnett said...

Er, the Peeky-boo isn't 'In the Night Garden' -it's because I found where Roger had parked the post at the weekend.

Mind you, isn't this the cabinet? The same vacant looks, the same smirky smile...

Mrs Angry said...

Would this, by any chancem be the same Rachel Shawcross who works at Parliament, presumably as Mike Freer's secretary or researcher? Goodness me, what a busy woman she is! Here, there and everywhere!

May I suggest that the hapless councillors who may be resentful of being told how to behave take a look at my current blog -'Thoughtcrime in Broken Barnet' and perhaps even read a little Orwell for their homework. You never know, with a prod in the right direction, some of them might find a small bit of courage and relearn how to think for themselves.

button55 said...


button55 said...

I wonder to who this mystery unelected official is ??.I would not mind hedgeing my bets to who it might,is it our main man!!