Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tory shenanigans leave me speechless

On the 17th September, I received an email, supposedly detailing some shenanigans surrounding the Leadership battle within the local Tory party and pressure put on Tories to shun Jack Cohens leadership motion. I wrote a draft blog and contacted various parties to ascertain the full facts. As regular readers of this blog will know, I do try and check all of my facts. The final piece of supporting evidence was sent on Thursday, but as I was busy organising the launch of the Library petition, I only got around to posting the information today.

Rather interestingly, within 30 mins of the blog going up, one of my original sources contacted me to say that a couple of key facts were incorrect (shall we say). Now whilst the gist of the blog was correct, it would be wrong of me to have left it there as is. I have removed the offending text and reset the original posting date. So if you are wondering where it went, that is why.

I do wonder whether the musical chairs being played out in the Barnet Tories at the moment played any part in the fact that someone suddenly decided that certain key facts were perhaps "inaccurate".


baarnett said...

You can still choose to ask those questions of the alleged party concerned, in the unlikely chance that you will get an answer...

baarnett said...

Particularly the "letters ready to 'sack councillors from the party.'"

Rog T said...


There is plenty to say about it, just not in the format of the original blog, if you follow my meaning.

Sadly, I have plenty of other things to write and so it will take a couple of days.