Wednesday, 29 September 2010

One mother in law joke Barnet should ban immediately

The press have rightly been ridiculing the way Barnet Council has banned mother in law jokes. Having denied the ban, the council has now published the book with the ban in. The Barnet Bugle reveals details here :-

Last week, Barnet council announced it's corporate parenting strategy. Having now read the policy, I have realised that Council leader Lynne Hillan is my corporate mother in law. She has the right to interfere in my life, tell me how to bring up my children and even "nudge me" towards a healthy diet.

She's one Mother in Law joke Barnet Council should ban immediately.


Broadway Blogger said...

LOL what a mess. This Council are the joke now. The great name of Barnet is being dragged into the gutter of the tabloid press by these lying incompetents.

Time for an election ?

baarnett said...

I know one's enemy's enemy is one's friend, but I think this whole issue is being overdone.

In fairness to the council, this "mother-in-law" mention is in material produced by an outside company, and presumably used hundreds of times, in hundreds of organisations. It seems written in a reasonable way to me.

The point is, surely, that the ?Daily Mail considered it newsworthy because it was Barnet Council involved.

The Council has the public reputation now, thanks to Mikey and Lynne - even from the ?Daily Mail - of a dung beetle.

Rog T said...

The Tories in Barnet are kind enough to have made this petard available. It would be rude not to hang them on it