Monday, 6 September 2010

The people of Barnet elected you and pay your allowances

This blog is a direct message to the Barnet Conservative Councillors, ahead of the Leadership vote on Tuesday 7th of September.

Kate Salinger aside, every single one of you let down yourself and the people of Barnet, when you voted for the allowance rise earlier in the summer. We all make mistakes, especially when we are new to the game. In life, if we make a mistake, we should do our best to rectify it. You know Lynne Hillan is not up to the job. You know she isn't anywhere near the Leader the people of the London Borough of Barnet deserve. The people who are supporting her are not doing so out of a genuine belief in her talents. They are a talentless bunch who need the protection of a weak leader, who in turn needs their protection.

The people of Barnet elected you. The people of Barnet pay your allowances. The people of Barnet had faith in you to represent their interests to the best of their ability. That is where your allegiance must lie. You owe Lynne Hillan nothing, your first loyalty must be to the electorate. Remeber that when you vote.

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There's an amusing selction of the Hillan camp at